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Family of Crazy Hair March 31, 2012

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I think my family has the most scattered lengths and largest variety of hairstyles.  I have a boy haircut, Jackson has a girls haircut, Lauren just got all her hair cut off, and Hannah had dreadlocks.  Katherine is the only one with normal hair.  I think our hair kind of represents our family.  I am pretty daring and quick to make drastic changes.  Jackson is very into his hair and has 4 sisters, so what do you expect?  Lauren is the most surprising because she hates change and really doesn’t care about her hair(Brown’s changing her in a good way!)  And Hannah’s hair totally makes sense, she’s crazy and wants as much attention as possible.  Our family is pretty unique, I think we are real and everything we do has purpose.  As stupid as it sounds, for example, I cut my hair so that I won’t have to bother with it for running and Hannah didn’t have great hair/it was really dead so she went with it.  After all, it’s just hair.  I hate the typical teenage girl image of straight, stomach length, dyed hair.  I like being different and hair grows out.


The Lucky One March 30, 2012

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I allow myself to read about one trashy book a month, hopefully less.  Since they hold no benefits, poorly written books are a guilty pleasure.  The junky books I read are usually Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult, ones that are made into movies that I want to see.  So at least I’m reading the book with a purpose.  Anyways, The Lucky One is being made into a movie soon and I figured I’d read it before all of the SAT’s/ACT’s as a sort of destressor but still leaving myself enough time to read a beneficial book before the tests.  It was about a guy who survives Iraq after finding a picture there and he walks to North Carolina to find the girl.  They fall in love and her ex husband finds out about the picture and makes him look like a stalker and everything blows up but turns out ok; the generic fiction book.  I just like the low quality books story lines.  Then the quality of the writing doesn’t have to be high.  Now that I’ve gotten a bad book out of the way, I’m going to try to read at least 1, hopefully 2, good books.  I’m thinking Handmaids Tale, The Grapes of Wrath, Wuthering Heights…I feel like any of the SAT recommended novels will work!


Track Captain Speech March 29, 2012

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This was part of my NHS apllication essay…



The most important aspect of my life at this time is running.  I run for TA year round and have been fortunate enough to be captain of the 2012 indoor track team and will be for the 2012 cross country team.  Before, I ran for myself.  Although the sport is quite individual, as a captain, I can now share my love of the sport with others.

It takes a lot of courage to run; the spotlight is on you, whereas in other sports there is something like a ball to distract the audience.  I have endured good running days and bad ones and can appreciate the braveness in others.  I think many are intimidated when they see me run, and my reserved personality only adds to my intense image.  I used to not really be able to do anything about that but being a captain has allowed me to gain other’s trust.  I have a natural chance to express myself and empower others.  The teammates I train with can see that hard work pays off and I hope I inspire them.  I feel a sense of ownership of them and when they have bad races or feel bad about themselves, I can relate and sympathize with them.  Being captain has made me realize that no matter what level of competition, everyone is important in some way.  Whether it is the team cheerer or the super star athlete, both have a place on the team.


DBQ Essay March 28, 2012

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It is the role of government to look out for the over all well being of the country.  When the physical environment is in danger, in this case, global warming, conservation must be required of all citizens.  It is the duty of government to use their authority to encourage, and force if necessary, the people to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Since awareness about these three categories has tried to be raised and has been pretty much ignored, more serious action needs to be taken.

“In the long term, going green is a Utopian ideal to which we must aspire if life is to continue on this planet”(Doc A).  Although one would think the people would want what’s best for their world, they remain either ignorant or unphased by the fast coming end of their lives.  People think of “going green” as a hippy statement, something that only a select few actually do.  And although that unfortunately is quite true, that shouldn’t be the case.  Winters refers to going green as a Utopian ideal which is defined as an ideal place.  Being concerned with an issue and actually taking action will make the difference in saving Earth and succeeding in the goal for a utopian world.  Since the people aren’t completely motivated, government needs to step in and create an incentive.  Even though one would think saving the world would be enough, many are cautious about the topic.  Government’s job is to raise awareness of the causes and effects between man and Earth.

Most go on with their lives and assume that their neighbors will take action so they don’t need to.  However, since this is a world wide problem, the people of the world need to take action.  Almost every person on Earth has contributed to global warming and now, pretty much every person on Earth needs to work to reverse their actions.  Things like technology and social norms have left people more introverted and uncaring.  Friedman offers, “America’s problem is that it has lost its way in recent years-bad habits have weakened our society’s ability and willingness to take on big challenges”(Doc C).  Government should work with this laziness; they have “the task of creating the tools, systems, energy sources, and ethics that will allow the planet to grow in cleaner, more sustainable ways.”  Fortunately, that is becoming more and more common, as the US Department of Energy released direct and comprehensive steps to be taken in the average household(Doc F).  Since the majority of the people most likely won’t start the movement on their own, government must kick conservation into gear and provide the background, letting the people then take the stage and act their parts.

Even for selfish reasons one would think people would take action in the fight against global warming.  Since the problem directly affects everyone, people should want to fight even just for themselves.  Rheault’s chart exemplifies that that is starting to balance out.  The countries that leave the biggest damage in global warming, work the most to reverse their actions(Doc E).  If this continues, the world should regain balance with all good actions counteracting bad ones.

Things like recycling bins and even signs have been up for years and very few have taken advantage of them.  That is the evidence that proves government needs to assume a role in the global warming crisis.  People will remain impartial to their fast coming death unless the solution is presented to them simply and with an easy solution.


Running at Potakaway March 27, 2012

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Last weekend Jackson had another soccer tournament in New Hampshire.  Mrs Reaser had wanted me to do a 70 minute run so my Dad looked for a good place to run online, he found the Potakaway State Park.  We couldn’t really find a trail for the first ten minutes of our run but we finally found a four mile trail.  It turned out to be one of my best runs ever.  My Dad was determined to keep it low key so he ran a couple of steps behind me.  I felt really lousy at first and going into a 70 minute run is pretty intimidating but it was really hilly so I was kind of forced to snap out of it.  My Dad feels really strongly about coming back faster on a run; we wound up coming back several minutes faster.  It was just one of those runs where you feel good and just go with it.  Since I eventually did feel good, it turned out to be a really strong run.  Once I actually do it, I really love the extra long runs because I can almost feel yourself growing stronger throughout the run.  There is such a difference between a 60 minute and 70 minute run and so I feel really confident going into my second to last outdoor season with great base training.


The Hunger Games Review March 26, 2012

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Oh my gosh, I love the Hunger Games!  The movie was so good!  As I said, I was afraid that I the images I had in my mind from the book would be totally different from the movie but that definitely was not the case.  The actors were so good, the backdrops and props were perfect, and they perfectly followed the story line.  All minor changes they made weren’t distracting and actually made sense.  Like the cornucopia; it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking but the sharp architecture of it made sense, it matched the Capital.  I’m so glad there are more movies to come.  Although there is only three total, they’re so long and eventful.  The Harry Potter series is such an exception because they are long and there is a lot of them but the Hunger Games leave a bit more of an impact since they do say more in a shorter length in some ways.  I definitely have post event depression because like most movies and especially after racing, I felt so lost after.  That sounds so dumb since it’s just a fictional movie but the excitement leading up to it and the finish of the movie leave me wanting so much more.



Tailbone March 25, 2012

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So I blogged about passing out a couple of weeks ago.  It was funny at first because, who passes out after hitting their tailbone?  But now I’m kind of worried because it’s not going away and two weeks later I think it might actually be worse.  I think I’ve been able to not pass out every time like I did the first time just because I’m getting used to the feeling.  Since I know nothing’s really wrong, it’s really distracting and actually quite annoying.  It hurts to sit directly on it and recently I’ve been experiencing shock like feelings in the area.  So my way of coping with it is either tightening up my whole body or sitting to the side.  I don’t mean to get attention for this but I have a really hard time ignoring it.  My family and I are thinking that it’s just bruised and that running and core are not helping it but that it will eventually just wear away.

Now, since that wasn’t much of a topic, I also want to talk about stinky science.  Honors Physics is possibly the worst class I’ve ever been in.  I am really trying but have a C and know that that’s pretty good considering a lot of other smart people have about the same grade.  It’s one of those classes that is just hopeless, no matter how hard I try, the teacher won’t see/doesn’t care about the effort I put in and I’m going to ultimately fail.  Hopefully I can pass so that the class counts and it doesn’t kill my GPA too much.