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The Weekend of Running March 5, 2012

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After three trips back and forth to Boston’s Reggie Lewis Track, the busy and nerve wracking weekend has concluded.  I started off the weekend of racing in the High School Indoor Track New England Championships.  I was coming off a respectable state meet but due to sub par performances, had a lot to prove.  Entered in the one and two mile, I knew I had to stay focused and run determined.  The one mile went pretty well, I got a one second personal record(5:15), but due to another ok but not great race, there was even more pressure for the two mile.  I wound up with only twenty minutes between the two and went through the first mile in good position but like many of my other doubles, quickly fell apart in the second mile.  Time between the two races aside, I’ve been dealing with an iron deficiency and wound up actually collapsing on the track, got up and kept running, and then dropped out when I thought I was finishing.  Although very discouraging and quite embarrassing, I told my sister who was competing in the Division 1 ECAC Championship the next day that she had to redeem the Pierce’s.  Similarly, she fell apart just like me in the 5k.  Much more impressively, she came back on Sunday in the 3k to finish strong and run a good time.  Her race provided a learning experience for my race; we both felt lousy but the difference was that she fought and remained mentally strong.  Even though this weekend was over all unsatisfying, it has left me hungry for more and ready to go for outdoor.


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