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Journalism Story March 6, 2012

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After a painstaking amount of time, I have finally picked my topic for probably my last story for the school newspaper this year.  I was completely stumped and so I turned to Mrs Hall’s story bank.  I always want to pick a topic that can include unique pictures and will actually mean something/be interesting to the reader. 

Therefore, I chose to write about dorm student’s advice to TA seniors about homesickness.  The dorm students are a big part of TA, so I’ll be making the connection between them and TA students and catch both’s attention.  I think the story will kind of write itself, especially with all the quotes.  It will be an advice column, in a way, which I think will help it be more readable.  The only part that will be hard is trying to find good pictures.  I’ll think more later, but maybe I could get pictures of dorm students back home or one of the two groups talking.

Either way, the experience will be very new and exciting for me.  I’ve always gone for the obvious, informative story and even I haven’t been all that interested.  This time, I can go into the dorm’s, meet new people, and hopefully be helpful to seniors.  To write this story, I’m going to get into the mindset of being the communicator between the dorm students and TA students.


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