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Class Guest Wil March 7, 2012

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Although I’ve already heard him speak, I was again amazed by Wil today.  Since I am a fortunate person, I do tend to judge people.  He admitted several times that he’s made mistakes and has lots of regrets.  I learned today that being a bad person and making mistakes are not necessarily related.

I don’t think it is essential, but I think it is good sometimes to be exposed to things you otherwise would ignore or look past.  I tend to avoid swearing, sex, and violence; all things Wil thrives off.

It was refreshing to hear how important writing can be.  In the classroom, it’s easy to loose sight of yourself.  Depending on the assignment(which is partly the teachers fault), I find myself frequently just writing to write.  You can only get so creative with an essay that must include history, for example, but it is the writers job to add their own touch because after all, most people probably already knew the information you’re giving.

The last time I saw Wil he said, “words saved my life.”  I think that’s really special, especially since people take so much for granted today.  Many things in life are quite simple and I think that’s why Wil could substitute drugs for writing.  Wil found his new, beneficial addiction.


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