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College Talk March 8, 2012

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In a past blog, I talked about journalism and that brings me to what I talked about and did all day yesterday.  I want to major in college in journalism or psychology.  Also, athletics have been a huge part of my college searching.  I think people who are going to college solely for academics, think athletics makes the process easier but I think it actually complicates it.  Obviously I’m going to college for academics but the athletics part can make or break a school for you.  I have to think about which division, the overall team aura, and team dynamic(hard training).  Fortunately, I’ve narrowed down my preferences.  I would rather run division 1 but am open to division 3 and want to be toward the front but not the best on the team.  So, yesterday I filled out more college forms.  I’m looking at Barnard(running for Columbia), Notre Dame, Wellesley, Wake Forest, Haverford, and Lehigh(only because I have two sisters running there).  As you can see, these colleges are very different, size and location wise.  I remember my 3rd oldest sister at Brown hating the college process but I actually really enjoy it.  I’m so excited to take my running to the next level and hope to contribute and be a big part of my college team.


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