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Contrasting Videos March 9, 2012

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For the first time in my life, I watched Jerseylicious.  Wow, it was disturbing.  I’ve always heard references to Snooki and they always make fun of her on SNL but the show was such a paraphernalia of conversations and events.  The show is made up of a group of people you would find incarcerated.  I know it is a reality television show, but there was literally no point.  It is one big circumlocution, where it could last five minutes but instead draws everything out into a full hour.


Ironically, I went from watching this to Kony 2012.  My sister had told me to watch it if I had time and so I was completely unprepared.  It was a half hour and I began the video disgruntled.  Right at the beginning, though, the speaker said it is integral I must watch intently from beginning to end.  A man started a plan to make Kony famous so that he can no longer hide and the issue of child soldiers in Uganda can be put to a stop.  My mom immediately bought the bracelets to support the cause.  I also came up with the idea to start familiarizing people around here.  I think I will talk with Mrs Hall and see if I can speak at school meeting and we can meet with the rest of the US on April 20th to cover the streets with Kony posters.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this but it was unrealistic, I think this is my chance though.



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