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Organization March 10, 2012

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You know how when there’s something you always do and then someone else hears/sees it and is totally weirded out?  Well, that happened to me.  I am very organized but I always just thought of it as part of my routine.  I always make my outfits for the week on Sunday, write lists frequently so I won’t forget, and will jeopardize homework for cleaning my room.  Ok, the last part does sound a little much.  My mom has always told me that it is good, that it is the secret to success.  The problem is that when I see other people’s ways, I’m totally annoyed.  I know different things work for different people but I love cleaning, how can no one else!  In fact, I’m jealous of my stay at home mom(which she doesn’t like because she says it makes her feel unimportant if I say anyone can do it).  


Almost all geniuses have some catch, and I’m not calling myself one here.  So many have schizophrenia or OCD, including my sister at Brown who associates numbers with colors.  In other words, you have to be weird and disfunctional to be smart!  In my case, I think my organization is a good thing and I’m sticking with it!


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