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Testing March 11, 2012

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I’ve decided I hate every kind of testing.  It takes so much time to study and I always feel not completely confident going into a test.  Of course practice makes perfect but it’s very stressful at times.  I think I know the information but there is such a difference between studying off a paper and actually taking the test.  It’s almost like the answers come to you through just holding the answer sheet but when it disappears, it literally disappears in my mind.  I’ve tried all the studying styles, whether it’s flashcards or diagrams.  I think my best bet is to start early, start studying about a week early.  I just hate the pressure.  Tests are the most important part of the class, they hold a huge weight over my over all grade.  I think it is very unfair for a student to be evaluated on one thing.  On the bigger scale, it is even more unfair for colleges to base their acceptances mainly on SAT/ACT scores.  There are so many more important qualities in a person.  After all, we are only kids.  It’s awful what the college process demands of students.  After writing all of this, I bet you can guess that I have been swamped lately with AP history, SAT, and ACT studying!


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