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Notre Dame March 12, 2012

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My oldest sister Katherine got into Notre Dame for graduate school!  That’s been one of my top schools lately and this will help me immensely.  Ironically, we had just been saying that will really be a stretch school and were talking about visiting it and if Katherine gets in that we can go together.  She literally called right after that conversation and we were like, “now it’s not just talk, we can actually do it.”


I’ve wanted a really different college experience and Notre Dame fits that.  It’s in Indiana and it’s Catholic, both opposite of me.  Usually I wouldn’t like that, but people from the Mid Atlantic are really friendly.  So, now we are planning a trip there and maybe we could even meet the coaches together because although she would race unattached, Katherine can still train with the team


Figures she will be there a year before me and then go to Rome the year I’m actually there.  It’s only a two year degree but just having some relation with the school will make a huge difference.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t really have made sense to go somewhere so far but my Dad went to Indiana University so he’s all into it.  The school is pretty much in the middle of no where, with a huge campus, but the area is perfect for running.  I’ve been in school with all of my siblings at one point but not once with Katherine.  She’s gotten in, now hopefully I can!


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