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Barnard/Columbia March 14, 2012

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Sorry I’ve been talking so much about college, but yesterday I got to tour Barnard and meet the Columbia coach!  This was my first official college visit and a really successful one too.  My Dad had a conference in New York City so I decided to come along, since the college tour time worked.  I am already pretty familiar with Barnard but it was good to actually get inside some buildings and learn some statistics.  For instance, I didn’t know that boys from Columbia could take classes at Barnard, I thought it was only one sided.  I have a pretty broad range of colleges on my list, so it was good to be able to say, I don’t mind a small campus in the city.


Then, I walked across the street to meet with the Columbia assistant coach.  I was pretty nervous because I know my times are no where where they need to be and I was scared he was going to blow me off.  Quite the opposite, he was so real and encouraging.  He was very optimistic, giving me specific times that are actually my goals and that I think are very attainable.  They accept six distance runners per year.  My Dad and I were saying, after the fact, that he made it sound so easy.  I mean, it’s an Ivy League!  I think the visit was very worth it because he said something that is most important to them is that the athlete really wants Columbia.  He was really happy to see me already showing interest in March of my junior year.  Fingers crossed(that’s what it’s all about right?luck!)



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