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Visiting Lauren March 15, 2012

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I’ve been wanting to visit my sisters at college, on my own, for a while now.  Although I won’t be beginning and ending the trip alone, I’m going to stay overnight with my sister, Lauren, at Brown.  It works out that my brother, Jackson, has a soccer tournament in the area this weekend.  My Dad will drive me over and I think Lauren and I will go shopping(at the biggest mall in New England!) and walk around campus for the day and then I’ll sleep in her dorm.  The fun visit aside, I think it will be a good college prepping experience.  College is a big adjustment and since I’ll be there soon, it will be good to see the different types of people and how they act.


Completely unrelated, I finally got answers to some of my newspaper article questions.  I started late and on top of that, no one had been getting back to me.  Finally Thao answered me and I’m going to meet with Mrs Corrigan.  My topic is dorm students advice to TA seniors about homesickness.  It’s kind of a tough topic because it is advice and not really a story and holds no opportunities for cool pictures.  Maybe I will make it more of an advice column…


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