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Holocaust Conference March 16, 2012

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I just remembered, on my trip to New York City, I went to my Dad’s conference.  I had planned on just waiting outside but it was very low key and he thought it would be a good experience.  I am not very religious and that really bothers my Dad, so he was happy that I had to sit through it.  It wound up actually being very interesting.  A woman who survived the Holocaust spoke and two guys in the film industry spoke.  The theme of the meeting was the Holocaust in Hollywood.  There is debate about how to keep jews remembering their heritage and if showing shocking images in movies will work.  Nowadays, teens aren’t fazed by much, and even horrifying Holocaust images might not be enough.  There is also the moral dilemma that that is too much.  They shouldn’t be disturbed into remembering their heritage.

The crowd was made up mostly of old people(as you can imagine, I got a lot of attention for being young).  It was good for me to see how much it means to the elderly.  Teens have such a, who cares, attitude that I do think they should be shocked into remembering their pasts.  It must be really hard for old people, especially Holocaust survivors, to see people today totally impassive to horrors and view the Holocaust as common knowledge.


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