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Introvert vs Shyness March 18, 2012

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My Mom recently read me an article about my title.  I talked a little about this in my last blog but I think the difference is important.  Introverts are described as being content with being unsocial and keeping to themselves.  Shyness is where a person wants to be outgoing and involved but get’s overly nervous about what other’s might think of them.  I definitely think I am shy.  The fact that I can be outgoing around my family and people I eventually feel comfortable around, I think proves that I have the ability and desire to fit in.  I think I have a potential outgoing personality, I just blow things out of proportion and psych myself out.  I get so nervous and worked up about the simplest things, stuff that the average person wouldn’t think twice about.  The article didn’t really offer help, more of an explanation, but I think it will be a major breakthrough when I do.  I think a large part of it is just maturing and growing older and more comfortable with yourself.  It would be great to figure it out though because although I can keep it from showing on the outside a lot of the time, it is really destructive on the inside.


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