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My day at Brown March 18, 2012

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Sorry I didn’t get the chance to blog yesterday.  My family and I left the house at five in the morning on Saturday.  Jackson had two soccer games in Massachusetts and then we left for Brown.  I got to meet Lauren’s friends, her roommate, and got to really see her campus for the first time.  The difference between visiting a campus and actually going there is so great, there are so many buildings you had never even noticed.  We went for a run together and went out to dinner.  Lauren was very independent and did not really care about having friends in highschool.  She was more focused on her future and getting into a good school.  Now that she has gotten herself here, it is good to see that she’s really enjoying herself.  I am pretty similar to her(not really caring about being popular and having tons of friends) and hopefully my college experience will be one similar to her’s.  Aside from having to sleep on her brick hard floor, the trip was really great.  I think it reassured her that she is doing well and she was happy to hear that I approved of her friends and lifestyle.


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