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Maccabiah Games March 19, 2012

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The Maccabiah Games are taking place next summer.  They are like the Jewish Olympics.  Katherine and my Dad, who have gone, got mail inviting them again.  You have to hit a qualifying time and since I am close to where Katherine was in high school, I think I have a good chance at being accepted.  The only problem is that Hannah might not get in because they like runners who have been running consistently.  The only way I could go is if, by age, everyone in our family got in.  Also, every athlete has to fund raise two thousand dollars.  This doesn’t sound like too much, but when you begin asking for money, especially in this area, you run out of people willing to donate money.  Plus, with three people, we’ll run out of people to go to.  Everyone was really generous for Katherine though, and now I have the TA connection.  What’s great about the trip is that no matter how religious you are, no one’s judged and everyone has mutual respect for one another.  I would love to have the experience, especially since I’m not very religious but consider myself a Jew.  Everyone thinks that people in Israel are completely religious, but it is actually the opposite.  I think I would be like the average person but what’s really cool is that, one can engulf themselves in the atmosphere and become religious from the experience if they want.


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