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Massabesic March 20, 2012

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I’ve never really reflected on my old high school.  I don’t want to diss it just because I’m at a much better school but that school was really sad.  From it’s physical appearance to the students within it, the place represented what it would produce.  I would feel bad for the people in the school but they have such a who cares attitude and many negatively affected the students who actually had a chance at success.  The kids are born into generation after generation of unsuccess.  The teachers attempt to educate but even they fall into lazy and ineffective teaching styles.  The last straw for me was when the school switched to trimesters.  We had five classes everyday, for about forty minutes.  There was an a and a b part to each class and it didn’t matter when and in which order you had it.  For example, I had my part b of science in the first trimester and then the a part in the third trimester.  It made absolutely no sense and made students even less motivated.  If they didn’t do their homework when they had two days to do it, why would they do it with only one day to complete it?  I think it is good that I’ve forgotten about that school and am now so thankful that I am in a healthy environment.


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