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Bedtime Stories 250 Story March 22, 2012

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Jean’s perspective in Bedtime Stories

The world outside was being covered, by the bodies of the Tutsi mob.  Papa opens the door and as they come in, I can see that they are covered in red.  I am torn by these people from Maman who is brought to her bedroom.  I am confused when Papa is given a large knife; I thought he was a good guy.  I thought maybe he was going to try to fight off the crowd but he is faced towards Maman.  One moment Maman is on the bed staring into Papa’s eyes, completely still, the next she is on the ground covered in blood moving every which way.  Everyone is crying, even the ceiling people, but I just see a puddle to splash in.  When she is covered with a cloth, I yank it off to try to wake her.  Maman’s just playing dead.  I giggle at how good she is.  My sister is not as impressed, she talks to the ceiling people and they help convince her to go outside.  When I follow her, we see bodies playing dead like mom everywhere.  Why are there so many?  And Maman and I are the only ones who play this game?  I finally realize that these people are dead and chase away the vultures trying to eat their bodies.  I climb on Monique’s back and she says, ”Maman says do not be afraid.”  I play with the glowing crucifix in Monique’s hand and try to forget about what has happened and what’s to come.


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