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My Grandfather March 23, 2012

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This has always been a pretty funny topic.  My grandfather has been brain injured for almost thirty years now and although that is definitely not a funny topic, we have good reason to find humor in him.  When my dad was about twenty four, him and his father were at the gas station with the hood up because something had happened to the car.  Someone from behind the hood crashed into the car and sent both of them flying.  My dad was ok, he was in a coma for several days but was very healthy considering what had just happened.  My Papa wasn’t as fortunate.  Although I never got to meet him before the injury, my Papa used to be a very serious and intelligent man; now he swears frequently and has very bad manners.  For example, he was a dentist and now he cleans his teeth in front of everyone and makes hideous sounds(sad but really funny, especially my Nana’s reaction, she hysterically yells at him).  Recently, he was pretty much forced into a nursing home and then last night, brought to the emergency room.  He supposedly kept saying the F word to the nurses and held up his fist and when we heard that, we were like, “so, what’s different.”  I know it would be scary to someone who’s not used to his behavior but they didn’t bother to contact any family members for consent to move him.  I obviously have a lot of respect for doctors but sometimes it feels like they are in it for the money and encourage a lot of unnecessary procedures.


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