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Lehigh March 24, 2012

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I can’t believe I never blogged about this!  Lehigh pretty much made history when they beat Duke in the March Madness tournament. They were seeded number fifteen and Duke number two; huge upset.  Although they were quickly knocked out of the tournament shortly after by Xavier(which they should’ve easily won), their win was very impressive.  Personally, I hate basketball but my family and I were saying, when you have a connection to a college, you feel connected to every part of it, like you’re going there.  No one thought Lehigh could win but we still routed for them.  Right from the start, they played superior, defensively and their forward players.  Duke is known for it’s basketball and by winning that game, they’ve brought huge attention to the school.  Lehigh’s one of those schools that are very good but no one knows about(in the video it says Lehigh became the most frequent search).  Even if they could’ve gone a lot farther in the tournament, it was really cool that this happened while my sisters were there and for Katherine’s senior year.  They said the campus was crazy but it’s funny because Lehigh is a very academic school and a lot are engineer or business majors.  So, when the team members came home, they were obviously excited but very modest and realistic about it.

I thought this video was appropriate…


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