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Tailbone March 25, 2012

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So I blogged about passing out a couple of weeks ago.  It was funny at first because, who passes out after hitting their tailbone?  But now I’m kind of worried because it’s not going away and two weeks later I think it might actually be worse.  I think I’ve been able to not pass out every time like I did the first time just because I’m getting used to the feeling.  Since I know nothing’s really wrong, it’s really distracting and actually quite annoying.  It hurts to sit directly on it and recently I’ve been experiencing shock like feelings in the area.  So my way of coping with it is either tightening up my whole body or sitting to the side.  I don’t mean to get attention for this but I have a really hard time ignoring it.  My family and I are thinking that it’s just bruised and that running and core are not helping it but that it will eventually just wear away.

Now, since that wasn’t much of a topic, I also want to talk about stinky science.  Honors Physics is possibly the worst class I’ve ever been in.  I am really trying but have a C and know that that’s pretty good considering a lot of other smart people have about the same grade.  It’s one of those classes that is just hopeless, no matter how hard I try, the teacher won’t see/doesn’t care about the effort I put in and I’m going to ultimately fail.  Hopefully I can pass so that the class counts and it doesn’t kill my GPA too much.


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