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The Hunger Games Review March 26, 2012

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Oh my gosh, I love the Hunger Games!  The movie was so good!  As I said, I was afraid that I the images I had in my mind from the book would be totally different from the movie but that definitely was not the case.  The actors were so good, the backdrops and props were perfect, and they perfectly followed the story line.  All minor changes they made weren’t distracting and actually made sense.  Like the cornucopia; it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking but the sharp architecture of it made sense, it matched the Capital.  I’m so glad there are more movies to come.  Although there is only three total, they’re so long and eventful.  The Harry Potter series is such an exception because they are long and there is a lot of them but the Hunger Games leave a bit more of an impact since they do say more in a shorter length in some ways.  I definitely have post event depression because like most movies and especially after racing, I felt so lost after.  That sounds so dumb since it’s just a fictional movie but the excitement leading up to it and the finish of the movie leave me wanting so much more.



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