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Running at Potakaway March 27, 2012

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Last weekend Jackson had another soccer tournament in New Hampshire.  Mrs Reaser had wanted me to do a 70 minute run so my Dad looked for a good place to run online, he found the Potakaway State Park.  We couldn’t really find a trail for the first ten minutes of our run but we finally found a four mile trail.  It turned out to be one of my best runs ever.  My Dad was determined to keep it low key so he ran a couple of steps behind me.  I felt really lousy at first and going into a 70 minute run is pretty intimidating but it was really hilly so I was kind of forced to snap out of it.  My Dad feels really strongly about coming back faster on a run; we wound up coming back several minutes faster.  It was just one of those runs where you feel good and just go with it.  Since I eventually did feel good, it turned out to be a really strong run.  Once I actually do it, I really love the extra long runs because I can almost feel yourself growing stronger throughout the run.  There is such a difference between a 60 minute and 70 minute run and so I feel really confident going into my second to last outdoor season with great base training.


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