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DBQ Essay March 28, 2012

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It is the role of government to look out for the over all well being of the country.  When the physical environment is in danger, in this case, global warming, conservation must be required of all citizens.  It is the duty of government to use their authority to encourage, and force if necessary, the people to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Since awareness about these three categories has tried to be raised and has been pretty much ignored, more serious action needs to be taken.

“In the long term, going green is a Utopian ideal to which we must aspire if life is to continue on this planet”(Doc A).  Although one would think the people would want what’s best for their world, they remain either ignorant or unphased by the fast coming end of their lives.  People think of “going green” as a hippy statement, something that only a select few actually do.  And although that unfortunately is quite true, that shouldn’t be the case.  Winters refers to going green as a Utopian ideal which is defined as an ideal place.  Being concerned with an issue and actually taking action will make the difference in saving Earth and succeeding in the goal for a utopian world.  Since the people aren’t completely motivated, government needs to step in and create an incentive.  Even though one would think saving the world would be enough, many are cautious about the topic.  Government’s job is to raise awareness of the causes and effects between man and Earth.

Most go on with their lives and assume that their neighbors will take action so they don’t need to.  However, since this is a world wide problem, the people of the world need to take action.  Almost every person on Earth has contributed to global warming and now, pretty much every person on Earth needs to work to reverse their actions.  Things like technology and social norms have left people more introverted and uncaring.  Friedman offers, “America’s problem is that it has lost its way in recent years-bad habits have weakened our society’s ability and willingness to take on big challenges”(Doc C).  Government should work with this laziness; they have “the task of creating the tools, systems, energy sources, and ethics that will allow the planet to grow in cleaner, more sustainable ways.”  Fortunately, that is becoming more and more common, as the US Department of Energy released direct and comprehensive steps to be taken in the average household(Doc F).  Since the majority of the people most likely won’t start the movement on their own, government must kick conservation into gear and provide the background, letting the people then take the stage and act their parts.

Even for selfish reasons one would think people would take action in the fight against global warming.  Since the problem directly affects everyone, people should want to fight even just for themselves.  Rheault’s chart exemplifies that that is starting to balance out.  The countries that leave the biggest damage in global warming, work the most to reverse their actions(Doc E).  If this continues, the world should regain balance with all good actions counteracting bad ones.

Things like recycling bins and even signs have been up for years and very few have taken advantage of them.  That is the evidence that proves government needs to assume a role in the global warming crisis.  People will remain impartial to their fast coming death unless the solution is presented to them simply and with an easy solution.


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