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Track Captain Speech March 29, 2012

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This was part of my NHS apllication essay…



The most important aspect of my life at this time is running.  I run for TA year round and have been fortunate enough to be captain of the 2012 indoor track team and will be for the 2012 cross country team.  Before, I ran for myself.  Although the sport is quite individual, as a captain, I can now share my love of the sport with others.

It takes a lot of courage to run; the spotlight is on you, whereas in other sports there is something like a ball to distract the audience.  I have endured good running days and bad ones and can appreciate the braveness in others.  I think many are intimidated when they see me run, and my reserved personality only adds to my intense image.  I used to not really be able to do anything about that but being a captain has allowed me to gain other’s trust.  I have a natural chance to express myself and empower others.  The teammates I train with can see that hard work pays off and I hope I inspire them.  I feel a sense of ownership of them and when they have bad races or feel bad about themselves, I can relate and sympathize with them.  Being captain has made me realize that no matter what level of competition, everyone is important in some way.  Whether it is the team cheerer or the super star athlete, both have a place on the team.


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