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Phantom of the Opera April 30, 2012

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Yet again, I am so impressed by TA’s acting group.  I saw the Phantom of the Opera Saturday night and it met my expectations.  I had seen Les Miserables last year which I’ve only seen on Broadway and I can honestly say, TA was just about as good.  I also saw Romeo and Juliet and really didn’t like that.  Music adds so much and I think allows the students to become better actors.  We got to the Phantom 15 minutes before and the place was packed!  We had to sit in the way back, on the side, in fold out chairs but that really didn’t matter.  The only problem, which was too bad, was that their microphones were messed up.  They told the crowd to turn off their phones to clear the radio waves and although I doubt everyone did that, TA should definitely invest in some better audio.  Aside from that, there were no mess ups besides from some missed high notes.  I think it is so awesome that the group takes on huge plays and actually succeeds!  Other schools do lame plays and do it poorly.  Now I can’t wait to see what TA chooses for their musical next year!


April 29, 2012

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Since I last blogged, a lot has happened.  I had my track meet on Tuesday which was pretty successful.  I did all distance events, 800, 1 mile, 2 mile in 2:27, 5:19, and 11:45.  It was so windy and cold that I actually felt my legs tighten up because I was under warmed up.  Considering that, and the fact that I was completely alone, my times were decent.  Coach Reaser wasn’t there but she  was so impressed!  She actually bought me a sick watch as a gift(it was $100 and is touchscreen!)  As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty sore from racing that much on a track, in spikes, so it’s been nice to have some easy slow runs.


Then on Thursday, my mom and I headed down to Philadelphia to visit UPenn and watch the relays later that day that my sister raced in.  The campus was beautiful.  What I didn’t like about it was that the students seemed to match the arrogant stereotype of the Ivy Leagues.  Maybe I’m just used to hippy Brown but that was a major turn off.  My sister didn’t race well either but it was such a big meet, for me anyway, it was fun to watch some of the best athletes in the US.


Sociology April 26, 2012

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I recently read an article in sociology about gender assignments.  Two parents are raising their kids with gender neutrality, letting them decide everything in respects to gender.  They recently had a baby and they are keeping the baby’s sex a secret.  Their two other kids have decided to wear pink clothing and are frequently mistaken for girls.  They don’t like this.  I am a strong supporter of gender freedom but when subconscious decisions make one unhappy, things should be changed.  Kids expect for their parents to make the majority of their decisions for them and then the responsibility is given to them when they leave their home.  That is the way society has worked since the beginning of time and has in general worked.  Clearly, these kids feel bad about themselves after having made their own, not socially acceptable, decisions.  I think homeschooling is one good example of going outside of the norms of society but to go as far as to open anything considered restricting or predestined, can be detrimental.  Gender is something given to us when we’re born, there is no denying what that originally is.  After that, I think people can move to be gay or lesbian but starting out like that leaves a kid lost and with a false belief of what their world is and how it works.


Richmond April 25, 2012

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So I for real  found the perfect college!  My dad was just trying to come up with possible schools that I might not have thought of that were division 1 and respectable academically.  Richmond is great because I could get in athletically and academically but it is still a strong school. I filled out their recruiting form on a wim and the coach emailed me back this…”Thanks for interest in our track and field program here at Richmond.  I was looking over your questionnaire and it seems that you are the caliber student-athlete that we are interested in recruiting and getting to know better.”  I love when coaches send personal notes, because it shows if they are really interested.  I did the virtual tour too and the campus is ridiculously beautiful.  It’ll be hard to visit but the coach talked about a payed official visit.  Also, my dad know’s the male and female coaches who are married.  They were all teammates in the World Cup Marathon in Athens and they took pictures of each other!  It’s way too early to make final decisions but I’ve wanted to feel total satisfaction about a school and for me, I think Richmond has it all!


Penn Relays April 24, 2012

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I’ve never been so busy in my life!  I have recently gone on so many trips and that is continuing.  This Thursday and Friday I am driving down to Pennsylvania with my mom to watch Katherine race again.  The Penn Relays are a huge deal; all the best high school and college runners compete and occasionally, a professional runner races.  Last time I went, Bernard Lagat did the steeple chase!  Katherine is doing the 3k and she can only shoot for a good time, because unless you’re nationally ranked, place really doesn’t matter.  The real reason my mom is letting me go, aside from being inspired by the meet, is to see UPenn.  I was going to meet with the coach but obviously that is a really busy day since they’re running the meet so I’m just going to tour the campus. Going back to the meet, I hope to race there next year.  If I can keep lowering my times, especially in the mile, I think I could get in!  I felt guilty missing practice and school but Coach Reaser encouraged me and said that I do more than enough and lead by example, she was actually the one to say that I could run at Penn!


Kony April 23, 2012

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I forgot to talk about the Kony Cover the Night event while we were in New Jersey.  We knew ahead of time that we wouldn’t be home for this, which was probably good because way more people outside of Maine participate in stuff like that.  So my mom made shirts, bought the bracelets, and printed posters.  We probably weren’t supposed/allowed to but we stuck our posters all over Princeton’s campus!  Only one sign got torn down but it was awesome to see a ton of runners with the Kony shirts on.  Even more exciting, on our way home we stopped for dinner in Connecticut and a woman stopped us to ask about our shirts.  She said that she had seen Kony stuff throughout her drive from Pennsylvania and had even seen kids putting it up.  In the original Kony video, there was a mock scene with teens running around a city putting things up and it’s really cool to think that that actually happened on the night.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this and the statement that change will take each individual definitely holds true.  I’m so happy that people actually followed through and all over the US, people made Kony famous!


Dorian Gray April 22, 2012

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I am currently reading Dorian Gray and I began reading thinking that it was just a book that would be good for me and I could possibly quote for the SATs.  I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I am finding it very interesting and readable.  It is about a younger man who befriends Lord Henry, Basil’s friend, and gives Dorian poor advice.  Dorian was already egotistical but when they get into deep discussions, this quality is only worsened.  Basil  and Henry are kind of like the angel and devil on Dorian’s shoulder.  Basil paints a portrait of Dorian early on in the book and Dorian makes a wish that the picture would age but he would stay young forever.  After a short lived relationship with a girl from a play he see’s who kills herself over him being so cruel, he notices that the picture of himself is changing into what his soul looks like.  He is a bad person and knows it deep down but no one will outright admit it, so the picture shows what’s on his inside.  I haven’t finished it yet but when I do, I want to see the movie version of it.  I really like reading a book and then quickly after watching the movie, to further my understanding of the story.