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Racism in Maine April 1, 2012

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Racism has been a part of American culture since the birth of the country. Whether it is violent threats with purpose or “meaningless,” ignorant jokes, the nation is then divided by the people into groups. In Maine specifically, racism is still alive.


Particularly toward African Americans, Mainers have maintained strong traditionalists beliefs. There is a large Republican population and therefore, they hate a Democratic president in office. Not only is he Democratic, Barrack Obama is also black. Maine seems to be 20 years behind the times, an undercurrent, where there is still a racist population but people don’t blatantly broadcast their true thoughts.


Racists in Maine are also frequently among the older generation. My grandfather is the “true” American; Republican, racist, anti gay, and beliefs in male dominance. He was brought up with the people around him having similar feelings. Racism is not an acquired status, it is passed on from one generation to the next.


Although racism has significantly improved, it is still an un-ignorable problem that all the people of America need to solve together. Starting from the young to the old, people need to see that there is really no difference between any human. New England seems to be a quite secluded region of the US, making it able to redefine itself as a liberal and fair part of the country.


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