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Brown April 2, 2012

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I know I’ve talked a lot about college and I know I said I’m done, but I recently had an important conversation with my mom.  I’ve had the dilemma of finding a school that perfectly fits what I’m looking for; division 1, strong but survivable academics, and a good environment in general.  I began looking at colleges from an athletic perspective and I think I’ve really limited myself.  Therefore, it was really nice to have my mom say yesterday, so what about a Dartmouth or Brown(we think those are the only two Ivy Leagues that are realistic for an athlete will ok academics).  Every time I’ve been to Brown, I’ve fallen in love and hoped to find a school just like it, never actually considering the school itself.  In my family, stuff that each person finds and becomes a part of, becomes their property.  Even when my mom asked me about Brown, we had just dropped Lauren off but she definitely doesn’t know about this yet.  I know Lauren wants me to succeed but I think because she is so much smarter than me, she would find it very unfair for me to go to the same college as her because of athletics.  I make it sound like it’s easy to get in too but for athletes, Brown especially, is significantly more realistic than others and having Lauren there would really help my chances.  Pretty soon we’ll have to drop the news on Lauren and it’s unfortunate because in a way, I’m going to have to get her permission to apply there.  Hopefully she will be able to see how my other two sisters at Lehigh love going to college together and will grow to think that way about me and her.


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