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Passover April 3, 2012

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This weekend is Passover and my family and a couple others always get together.  This year I am going over to my best friends place on Friday and then another on Saturday.  It is going to be so weird without all my sisters and the other families siblings.  It has been steadily decreasing for the past couple years but now that I’m the oldest teen there, I notice the change.


I don’t love the holiday, the seders are painfully long(we don’t skip over anything).  I am proud to be Jewish but since I’m not very religious, the breaks in the dinner are the best parts.  We usually start the seder, eat dinner, do some more prayers, have dessert, and then find the afikomen.  I know this is bad, but I just don’t feel like Jewish holidays are real holidays.  I think of holidays as really happy, exciting celebrations.  For some reason, all Jewish events feel like funerals.  With that said, I think even still I’ll continue to do all the Jewish things I’ve done in my childhood, throughout my life.  Although I don’t love it when I’m there, I always have a good feeling later(partially because eating broke up the event, just kidding!)


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