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What I’m Most Afraid Of April 4, 2012

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What I wrote when Will came this week…


I am most afraid of failure.  As a teen, there is a lot of indecision in my life.  I am constantly tested and challenged in what I care about.  Academically, athletically, and socially, I have goals and always the fear of failure in the back of my mind.  These are all individual activities where I am in the spotlight.  In running, I step onto the track, knowing that a slight acknowledgment of weakness in my mind can destroy a race.  Running is a challenge, there is a better chance of failure than success.  My Dad always says, you have one good race for every bad ten.  As I have painfully found out this is all too true, the repetitiveness of running has enabled me to try try again.  I actually plan on/hope for all my bad races to be in the beginning of the season so that near the end of the season where all of the big important meets are, I have the bad races out of my system.  Since the odds aren’t in a good races favor, a runner must become familiar with the feeling of failure.  Familiarizing myself with failure is the best method I think, because when that lousy familiar feeling comes in the middle of a race, if I have it in me, I can fight it.


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