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Stanford April 7, 2012

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Katherine races at Stanford tonight and I’m so nervous for her.  Sometimes I think I get more nervous for other people than for myself.  She has wanted to do this meet before but Lehigh doesn’t go as a team and it’s far away, so nothings ever come of it.  Since it’s her senior year, her coach figured she has the talent and has earned a big meet.  This meet is ridiculously competitive, the best in the nation go and even in an event like the 10k, which not many do, there’s usually close to 50 girls, all running insane times.  So, Katherine’s goal is just to stay close to last!  She’s hoping to hit a great time early in the season and then hold off until her championship meets to run for place rather than time.  Oh, and I forgot, she’s racing at 1:30 am!  Although this is a big meet, there is really no pressure because place obviously doesn’t matter.  She’s had a pretty discouraging senior year though and I just want her to run really fast since it will probably be one of her last college 10ks.  It’s a tough race(25 laps) and so she just needs to stay focused yet relaxed, easier said than done!


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