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ACT’s April 10, 2012

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This weekend is the big day.  I have been solidly studying for about a month but I definitely don’t feel like preparation makes you feel ready.  My parents thinking is that I’ll do better on the ACT’s but I think it’s even harder than the SAT’s.  The one good thing is that the SAT’s do come after the ACT’s, so when I take the SAT’s, they’ll feel so much easier compared to the ACT’s.  I’ve been getting tutoring for math also and my teacher said that she thinks I’ve already earned about 50 points.  ACT scoring is much different from SAT scoring but so I’m hoping to get a 28 composite score.  My super smart sister at Brown got 32 composite so if I can be anywhere near her, I’ll be successful.  But man, these tests are brutal!  Almost 5 hours of math, science, english, reading, and writing takes a lot out of you.  They say the best thing you can do, aside from studying a lot before, is to just completely relax the day before.  We have a day off, so I’m hoping to just brush up on some stuff.  Just like any other test, I have such a hard time focusing, I can’t comprehend what I’m reading.  I had an idea to read the night before, I think that helps my mind work into a attentive mode.


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