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Work April 11, 2012

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The other day I worked with one of my old friends from Elementary school.  We instantly reconnected and found out that neither of us had really changed.  The move from Elementary school to Middle school was a big jump and I don’t mean to put the blame on her, but I think she got caught up in the popularity scene, where as I was more focused on school.  I kind of had a feeling that she would stay a good kid because she has a good family and was pretty clean cut(dressed appropriate, didn’t swear…).  She told me that she’s still friends with another girl that I had kind of lost touch with.  I usually don’t do this kind of thing and I’m not this bold but I just asked her if she wanted to hang out.  We had been talking about the new movie, The Lucky One, and I was just like, “we should all go together.”  I got her number and we’re going to go over vacation.  It feels really good to be able to reconnect with friends. I’ve made new friends at TA but I think your early friends are some of your best, kind of like, simple friendships are better than more complex ones.


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