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Meeting With Coaches April 12, 2012

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Vacation is about the only time I have can fit in college visits so every trip I make is going to be a marathon.  I’m going to Wellesley on Thursday and  Bryn Mawr Friday(after the Princeton Invite I’m watching my sisters race).  I’m going to do the campus tours and the info sessions at both, and then meet with the coaches.  It’ll be good because these trips aren’t super stressful since they aren’t my top schools and the coaches will be working to get me, not me trying to convince them to want me.  The Div 3 coaches are so much nicer too, they are just a lot more real and optimistic.  I’ll be able to meet the teams and see how the girls are.  My parents will be with me so they can kind of expand on what I say.  I also recently met with my guidance counselor and he was really encouraging.  I asked him a bit about the kids from TA that have gone to Ivy Leagues.  He said they were stellar athletes but very weak academically.  My thinking is that if I can do well running and academically, everything will balance out.  Big stuff coming up…


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