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Ani Mojgani April 13, 2012

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My journalism class went to the presentation by Mojgani today.  I had never heard of him and didn’t know what to expect but it was a really great experience.  TA is really fortunate to have so many people come to the school.  At Massabesic, randomly people would come to the school but left little impact, like Santana!  Especially right now, during poetry month, students have been inspired and aided in their writing.  Mojgani was a unique guest in that, no offense, but he was a professional writer.  I think the quality of Mojgani vs Wil’s was similar but Mojgani has world credits.  I liked that Mojgani just jumped right into his poetry, you could tell that he really enjoyed what he was doing.  I wish I was bold enough to do something like that because you can express yourself and I think it also helps you become more comfortable with yourself, you are forced out of your shell.  I also think it is important for people to be comfortable with a variety of forms of writing, especially something so emotional and meaningful as poetry.  People think of poetry as hippy dippy and therefore it is rarely taught within the classroom.  I think it’s great that TA students are really taking advantage of the opportunities that have been given to them during poetry month.


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