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My Guinea Pig April 14, 2012

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I don’t think I ever mentioned my new guinea pig.  I got Laverne from the shelter about a month ago and I love her so much.  She was only three months old when I got her, so she is really a baby which is good because I can make her a nice pet by getting her used to being held young but is hard because she is pretty skittish.  I have always had a guinea pig and kind of forgot to get another one when my old one died.  My old one was named Oreo and was the fattest guinea pig you’ve ever seen.  I think guinea pigs are the perfect pet though; they are pretty easy to care for, are usually well behaved, and the sounds they make are adorable(they purr and squeak).


Totally unrelated, my sister showed me this picture that is crazy popular.  It’s really random but as a runner, I think it’s really funny.  You see a lot of haggard faces in a race and to see someone the totally opposite, fresh and happy, is actually quite true.  Those who are true runners are pretty unphased by running and if you notice after a race, they usually just cross the finish line and walk off the track.  Those who are not true runners are flailing and look like death.,r:0,s:0,i:69


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