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York Scrimage April 16, 2012

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We had our first meet of the season on Thursday and it went so well!  I was supposed to run the 800 but my coach thought I could run fast so after only a 10 minute warm up(no stretching or speed drills), she threw me in the mile.  I had felt good on my warm up but didn’t expect to go as fast as I did.  I was consistently running 75 quarters and at the half, I actually began to think to myself, “wow I’m running fast and not dieing, see how long this lasts.”  Although that isn’t a good thing to be saying to yourself, that usually is true.  However, I slowed down very little in the second half and ran 5:08!  That’s a 7 second pr just from indoor.  I don’t mean to brag but most people can’t even finish their season in a time like that!  I’m so encouraged that if I can start the season in such a fast time, if I just stay cool and keep running, I’m going to get into the very low 5 minutes!  My sisters are so mad because as a junior, I’m already faster than they were as seniors.  I was definitely on a runner’s high because I then wanted to run everything.  I got pr’s in the 800 and 400(2:24 and 1:03).  The most exciting part was that I get to email college coaches with the update!


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