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ACTired April 17, 2012

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Now I can say I am done ever seeing the ACTs again.  Just kidding, because guess what?  If I don’t do great, I’m probably going to take them again next fall!  Anyways, I think they went pretty well.  The 5 hours actually fly by and for the most part, I was focused.  I really lucked out on the math and science, though.  The time’s given to complete those sections is completely unrealistic(1 hour math 60 questions, 35 minutes science 40 questions).  Otherwise, the writing and reading went well and I got a really good essay topic.  It was, does communication technology improve human relationships, and said no, with cyber bullying and false personalities as my evidence.  I’m hoping that my humanities side of the test will balance out the other, so that my composite score will be somewhat respectable.  I wish now I could just junk out for the rest of my life but instead, I get to move right into the SATs and AP exams.  I don’t even have a relaxing vacation.  I’m visiting colleges, working a ton, and watching my sisters race at Princeton.  Although all these things aren’t necessarily painful and are really my choice in doing, I really like alone, quiet time.  People really meant it when they said Junior year is the hardest!


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