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Falmouth Results April 18, 2012

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Yesterday went ok, definitely no where near as good as York.  I won in 11:42 which is a really good start but a lot of other girls in Maine have run low 11.  The race was completely what I didn’t think it would be.  Last year they mixed the girls and guys so that no matter what, I’d have someone to run with.  Also, there is a really good girl from Greely who I assumed would run it.  Plus, I was way unprepared for the heat.  I think I was a bit over confident coming off my previous race and assumed it would be easy.  But running in mid 80 degree weather, with a strong wind, and completely by myself, understandably slowed me down.  The actual race wasn’t bad, I went out fast, died only a little, and had a strong kick.  I’m frustrated with the fact that I can never have a completely satisfying 2 mile.  I’ve always thought that that was my race, and started out well as a freshman but have been stuck around 11:30 for the past couple of years.  I know I have a fast 2 mile in me but something always goes wrong; either I feel good on a bad weather/circumstance day or I feel lousy in a perfect opportunity.  I’m going to stay away from the 2mile for a bit and hopefully when I come back to it later in the season, I’ll have competition and be ready to run.


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