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Alternative April 19, 2012

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I’ve always been kind of embarrassed to talk about music outside of my family.  I like alternative music and although people wouldn’t even recognize a title or a singer, I still don’t like telling them.  As a teenager, it’s weird not to like Katy Perry but I don’t like being just like everybody else.  I don’t like different music just to be different but I do like knowing that I have discovered a song in a way, and very few listen to it.  Then of course, I get mad when songs I “find” become popular.  So often, I buy a song a year ago and am getting sick of it and then it starts playing on the radio and people who don’t even like that type of music, say they do just to fit in.  For example, We Are Young and Somebody That I Used to Know, are so old but have just become popular.  Music is just like clothing, makeup, fashion styles…  Aside from the famous people who start the trends, people around here just pick up these ideas and copy them exactly.  I think drawing off others ideas is good but it is all about interpretation.  You have a starting point and then add your own ideas to make it unique.


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