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Dorian Gray April 22, 2012

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I am currently reading Dorian Gray and I began reading thinking that it was just a book that would be good for me and I could possibly quote for the SATs.  I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I am finding it very interesting and readable.  It is about a younger man who befriends Lord Henry, Basil’s friend, and gives Dorian poor advice.  Dorian was already egotistical but when they get into deep discussions, this quality is only worsened.  Basil  and Henry are kind of like the angel and devil on Dorian’s shoulder.  Basil paints a portrait of Dorian early on in the book and Dorian makes a wish that the picture would age but he would stay young forever.  After a short lived relationship with a girl from a play he see’s who kills herself over him being so cruel, he notices that the picture of himself is changing into what his soul looks like.  He is a bad person and knows it deep down but no one will outright admit it, so the picture shows what’s on his inside.  I haven’t finished it yet but when I do, I want to see the movie version of it.  I really like reading a book and then quickly after watching the movie, to further my understanding of the story.


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