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Vacation Trip April 22, 2012

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It wasn’t the usual vacation trip but it was good to get out of the house over vacation and have it not be stressful.  On Thursday we visited Wellesley and the next day Bryn Mawr and watched my sisters race at Princeton.  I liked Wellesley ok but got a little overwhelmed with the all women’s idea.  The track coach was great, he seemed to really want me and told me I could definitely get in.  Although they are division 3, he has coached Olympians and would obviously know what he was talking about.  It was good to visit Bryn Mawr the day after so I could make a quick comparison.  I think running at Bryn Mawr would be even more low key than Wellesley but over all, I liked Bryn Mawr much more.  The girls felt a lot more friendly and more interested in succeeding together, where as the Wellesley girls were a little more stern faced and self centered.  The trips ended with my sisters racing, Hannah did the steeple chase and Katherine did the 5k.  It was too bad that neither raced very well, not badly but just no exciting fast times.  It’s discouraging for Katherine because it’s her last year and so far, it has probably been her worst.  I really hope she’ll make it in the 10k to regionals which would be a great race to end her school running career.


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