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Penn Relays April 24, 2012

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I’ve never been so busy in my life!  I have recently gone on so many trips and that is continuing.  This Thursday and Friday I am driving down to Pennsylvania with my mom to watch Katherine race again.  The Penn Relays are a huge deal; all the best high school and college runners compete and occasionally, a professional runner races.  Last time I went, Bernard Lagat did the steeple chase!  Katherine is doing the 3k and she can only shoot for a good time, because unless you’re nationally ranked, place really doesn’t matter.  The real reason my mom is letting me go, aside from being inspired by the meet, is to see UPenn.  I was going to meet with the coach but obviously that is a really busy day since they’re running the meet so I’m just going to tour the campus. Going back to the meet, I hope to race there next year.  If I can keep lowering my times, especially in the mile, I think I could get in!  I felt guilty missing practice and school but Coach Reaser encouraged me and said that I do more than enough and lead by example, she was actually the one to say that I could run at Penn!


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