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Richmond April 25, 2012

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So I for real  found the perfect college!  My dad was just trying to come up with possible schools that I might not have thought of that were division 1 and respectable academically.  Richmond is great because I could get in athletically and academically but it is still a strong school. I filled out their recruiting form on a wim and the coach emailed me back this…”Thanks for interest in our track and field program here at Richmond.  I was looking over your questionnaire and it seems that you are the caliber student-athlete that we are interested in recruiting and getting to know better.”  I love when coaches send personal notes, because it shows if they are really interested.  I did the virtual tour too and the campus is ridiculously beautiful.  It’ll be hard to visit but the coach talked about a payed official visit.  Also, my dad know’s the male and female coaches who are married.  They were all teammates in the World Cup Marathon in Athens and they took pictures of each other!  It’s way too early to make final decisions but I’ve wanted to feel total satisfaction about a school and for me, I think Richmond has it all!


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