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Sociology April 26, 2012

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I recently read an article in sociology about gender assignments.  Two parents are raising their kids with gender neutrality, letting them decide everything in respects to gender.  They recently had a baby and they are keeping the baby’s sex a secret.  Their two other kids have decided to wear pink clothing and are frequently mistaken for girls.  They don’t like this.  I am a strong supporter of gender freedom but when subconscious decisions make one unhappy, things should be changed.  Kids expect for their parents to make the majority of their decisions for them and then the responsibility is given to them when they leave their home.  That is the way society has worked since the beginning of time and has in general worked.  Clearly, these kids feel bad about themselves after having made their own, not socially acceptable, decisions.  I think homeschooling is one good example of going outside of the norms of society but to go as far as to open anything considered restricting or predestined, can be detrimental.  Gender is something given to us when we’re born, there is no denying what that originally is.  After that, I think people can move to be gay or lesbian but starting out like that leaves a kid lost and with a false belief of what their world is and how it works.


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