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Phantom of the Opera April 30, 2012

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Yet again, I am so impressed by TA’s acting group.  I saw the Phantom of the Opera Saturday night and it met my expectations.  I had seen Les Miserables last year which I’ve only seen on Broadway and I can honestly say, TA was just about as good.  I also saw Romeo and Juliet and really didn’t like that.  Music adds so much and I think allows the students to become better actors.  We got to the Phantom 15 minutes before and the place was packed!  We had to sit in the way back, on the side, in fold out chairs but that really didn’t matter.  The only problem, which was too bad, was that their microphones were messed up.  They told the crowd to turn off their phones to clear the radio waves and although I doubt everyone did that, TA should definitely invest in some better audio.  Aside from that, there were no mess ups besides from some missed high notes.  I think it is so awesome that the group takes on huge plays and actually succeeds!  Other schools do lame plays and do it poorly.  Now I can’t wait to see what TA chooses for their musical next year!


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