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Maine Running May 1, 2012

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I know it’s good for the state as a whole but I don’t like everyone in Maine running fast.  Maine has always stunk and the Pierce’s have always been some of the best high schoolers!  The states always been kind of alone, only racing within itself until New Englands where only a few would go.  Now, the old times that were considered fast, are decent or average times today.  I’m kind of in between, definitely not the best but better than most.  Abbey Leonardi from Kennebunk used to be this sensation, now several girls are rapidly decreasing their times, getting closer and closer to Leonardi.  For example, Leonardi won New Englands 2 mile in 10:19 and Bethanie Brown from Waterville has repeatedly run 10:30.  This is also good for me though, because today I am racing Leonardi and although I’m definitely not thinking of trying to beat her, I know that the longer I can stay with her, the faster I’ll run.  My coach is pretty keyed up about me making history by beating her but to deal with that pressure, I’m just thinking about fast times.  Everytime I think about what I could run, my mouth waters!  It’s so doable and I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of when!