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Point of View July 10, 2012

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“This is it, this is it, this has to be it, there’s the school, there’s the garage, now we turn south.  The bank, that must be the bank, now we turn west-see the trees?  This is it, this has to be it.”


In this section, The Last To See Them Alive, the paragraph preceding this quote describes Nancy in her bedroom writing in her diary.  The imagined excitement Capote gives Dick and Perry when they find the Clutter’s house makes them all the scarier.  While we all know that Capote wasn’t there when this happened, the fact that he uses dialogue as if he were there makes the description all the more believable.  At this point in the account, Capote’s writing feels more like a novel than a piece of non fiction.


To have gotten an account of the murders from anyone else but the murderer’s perspective would have lessened the impact.  However, since he obviously enters the picture after the Clutter’s have been killed, Capote craftfully brings them to life by patching real events with imagined dialogue.


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