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Time Sequencing July 10, 2012

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The fact that Capote tells the story in many different time segments is maybe the most powerful device that Capote uses in In Cold Blood.   He foreshadows the events, then describes the events like a newspaper reporter and then adds the texture and detail through the interviews of the people involved once the murders have occurred.  The after the fact interview increases the intensity and makes the reader feel as if they are in the moment.  In addition to the sequencing of events, which builds the momentum, Capote describes simultaneously, what each of the people are doing, so you feel like you are hovering above, watching the events unfold, darting your eyes back and forth to each character.  The simultaneous time capture with the most power was the night of the murders.  Capote first describes Dick and Perry driving to Holcomb and their conversation in the car.  Next he describes what is happening in the Clutter house where Nancy is in her bedroom drying her hair and writing in her journal.  Capote ends this section with, “Presently, the car crept forward.”


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