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Hills Like White Elephants September 26, 2012

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This piece of writing says a lot in few words.  It gives detailed descriptions of the setting and the conversation, but quickly changes from a happy memory, to an argument.  Both characters are pathetic in their own ways.  The man has uninentionally put a pressure over the girl and although he wants her to get an abortion, he demands that the decision is hers.  The girl though, like in so many stories, is the truly helpless one.  Women have always been below men and this is highlighted by the fact that she is called a girl, where as he is a man.  The fact that the baby is in her body makes it her responsability, and if she is to keep the baby, the man could leave her and she would not only be hurt emotionally/judged by other people, but she would have another life to care for.  The decision she has to make has no solution-she can get the abortion and lose what she most wanted, aside from the man, who she could also lose, as he could easily throw her aside, or she can keep the baby and almost certainly lose the man.  There seems to be a pattern where men lead women on, encourage them to be blinded by love, and then since they have no respect for the woman and because our society accepts it, toss the woman aside.  I sympathize with the girl, not only because I am also a girl, but in addition, I know how easily I could be in the same torn situation.


Good News…Psych! September 25, 2012

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I’m really not a fan of touchy feely literature, so it’s been a struggle reading from the anthology book.  These are much more readable than poems but I still think they feel forced and like the writer feels they must use lots of drama.  It is good to be introduced to a wider variety of writing and also cultures and places around the world.  Recently, I actually liked The Necklace because it was witty and interesting to read.  It’s not so much description and thoughts; instead dialogue is used to tell an ironic story.  I loved how relatable it was-just when things are good and you think you are so sure about something, the situation can turn in an instant.  I recently had an experience where it turned for the best and then the worst!  I was on my official visit at Columbia this weekend and was obviously intimidated at such an amazing school; I was just thankful to be there.  I had a great time but all along was telling myself to not get my hopes up and to be prepared for bad news that it wasn’t going to work out.  After my 2nd night there, my mom texted me saying she had just talked with the distance coach and it was looking good.  She said I am untapped potential which is just what they’re looking for.  I think I sent my mom 10 texts asking if she was serious.  I mean I work hard but how could I get in?!  It sounds so corny but it really goes to show if you shoot high, anything can happen.  The next day we met with the head coach and then came what I was hoping wouldn’t.  Him and the other coach started frantically talking and I think he made her second guess if I could get in.  I think everything’s going to be fine but they’re taking all of my information to admissions right now and I should know where I’m at within the week.  I think the worst news will be that I have to raise one of my test scores a bit but things are so far along that it won’t be news saying I can’t get in anymore.  I can’t believe I’ll know if I’m going to Columbia in a couple days!  Anyways, I totally had that feeling like in The Necklace of, “Oh my gosh I lost the necklace,” to, “Whew we bought a new one,” to, “Are you kidding me, it was worthless!”  As painful as those feelings are, it shows you have a conscience and care about things!


Two Kinds September 22, 2012

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I really love Amy Tan and I usually don’t see names I recognize in the anthology, so I was happy to see a familiar writer.  I’ve read Joy Luck Club which I believe Two Kinds is from since she mentions the title.  I think Amy Tan can create the perfect blend of quality and interesting material, and Two Kinds exemplifies just this.  Since I could talk about anything and everything in terms of her writing, I’ll go off what we did in class.  The two significant characters are Amy and her mother.  As complex as her mother’s past was, I think most parents are in a similar position.  Throughout history and still today mothers have been the predominant parent and although they know their kids better, they do the disciplining to sometimes make them look like the bad guy.  I’m actually learning in AP Euro about leaders in this situation.  This quote sums it up-“We have not great things in our time except by those who have been considered mean; the rest have failed.”  Many adults today don’t parent their kids and in a sense, everyone fails.  I think Amy’s mom is such a good parent in that she creates real life lessons.  By trying to make Amy like Shirley Temple, I think she was showing her daughter to watch out for materialism.  She knew her daughter was lazy and would resist her and so she tested her daughter with the piano lessons and performance to see if she would prove her wrong.  Although Amy completely fails, she will never forget that event and the feeling she was left with from her moms disappointment.

Also, sorry I haven’t blogged that much or of great quality so far.  I’m so busy right now but will be less soon!


The Never Ending Fight For Equality September 19, 2012

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I’m usually pretty open to opinions but when it comes to gay marriage, I immediately block out negative talk.  I understand loyalty to the Republican party in presidential elections and just personal preference, but this is different.  Fortunately, I have lately been hearing several stories of unlikely people supporting same sex marriage. I love the quote from this article by the New York state senator, Roy J. McDonald, who is Republican.  “I’m in the party of Abraham Lincoln — I’m very proud of that.  I’m not in a party of a bunch of right-wing nitwits. It’s Abraham Lincoln. It’s everybody’s included. And I feel that’s very important.”


The only thing I don’t like about it is its title.  I think it is wrong to come at the issue from a marriage perspective.  I understand that that is the ultimate goal but that is shocking to so many people.  I think they should title it something more like equality, because gay and lesbian people just want to be treated equal/normal and they want to be accepted.


I think a lot of people believe that homosexuals do this to cause a stir up or for attention but it is not something they can control.  It is a feeling that they have from within and it is who they truly are.  I really hope Obama is reelected because I think he is the best president for gays and will do whatever it takes to get them what they want.


Dress to Impress September 12, 2012

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Another one of my loves is fashion!  I’ve always been kind of embarrassed about this because of all the things in the world, fashion probably isn’t the most important.  I feel very vain when I care so much about how I look, but actually, I think it gives me confidence.  I don’t like high fashion though; it feels like a contest of who can make the weirdest, ugliest, most nonfunctional outfit.  I like fashion that is wearable and that is actually creative and artful.  A designer should either commit to creating works of art, even if the clothing isn’t flattering, or they should make “normal” designs.”


Alexander Mcqueen created outrageous, yet beautiful dresses.  Therefore, they weren’t really meant to be worn in real life, they are really just supposed to be displayed on a runway.  Hair and makeup are usually indicators, as well as the shape-if it is not form fitted or a certain style popular at the current time, then it is probably high fashion.

Then, there are older designers, such as Oscar De La Renta.  Models and stars are always wearing his designs because they are attractive and wearable.

I’m sure if I lived in the world wear you are completely judged based on image, I would take risks.  I’m in between too because I am so envious of people who can pull off exotic or dressy outfits but then totally look down on my classmates who look like they are over 20 and wear heels to school.  I think there is a huge difference even just between high school and college because you have a completely different life where parties and events are a lot more common.



College Recruiting=Teenage Relationship September 11, 2012

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I really wanted to start out my blogging for the year with something really profound or interesting, but that’s not me.  Why force myself into writing about something that doesn’t truly speak to me?  So…I decided to compare two frequent, yet important aspects of my life that are quite cliche at this time.  Everyone is talking about college right now, but I’m in a unique position compared to the average student.  I’m known as the crazy runner at our school but I also value academics a great deal.  Therefore, I have to look at colleges in a special way and try to find the perfect combination and balance of academics and athletics that appeal to me.  Most students can simply look at the campus/area a school is in and what it has to offer for what they’d like to major in.  I get to do this, plus look at the success of a team, the division it’s in, the facilities the school offers, and get a feel for the overall dynamics of the team.

Now, my titles probably pretty confusing at this point.  Running can be used as a metaphor for pretty much anything in life but college recruiting especially shows similarities to dating.  First, each has to be physically/visually attracted to one another.  They need to feel a connection and like they will have a good future relationship.  And lastly, they need to respect and trust one another, so that they can get the most out of their time together.  This does sound weird that a school and a student should be so committed to each other, but a student-athlete, especially, needs to feel that connection with a school.  While there are so many great colleges in the country, I can only go to one and the way I will decide is by which school I feel fits all of my desires best.

I have developed my running significantly but never dreamed of how many colleges would be interested in me and how many I’d love.  I have currently been invited on official visits to Richmond, Wellesley, BC, and Columbia and am so flattered by their encouragement and excitement for me.  What is great about college recruiting is that although I can only go to one college, I get to experience several colleges even just for a day or two and would be thrilled and honored to attend any one.


Poem Related to In Cold Blood September 3, 2012

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A Boy in a Bed in the Dark

Born with a cleft palate,
My two-year-old brother,
Recovering from yet another surgery,
Toddled into our bedroom
Toppled a tower of blocks
That I had patiently built
And in a five-year-old’s fury
I grabbed a fallen block
And winged it at him
Ripping open his carefully reconstructed lip.
The next hours were gruesomely compressed
Ending with a boy in a bed in the dark
Mute with fear
Staring out into the hallway with horror
As the pediatrician went in and out of the bathroom
With one vast blood-soaked towel after another
Shaking his head worriedly.
My brother’s howls
And my parents’ cooed comfort
Became the soundtrack to this milky movie
That plays
In my darkest theatre,
The one that I sidle past each night
With a shudder
And a throb in my fist


My mom read this poem to me a couple of years ago.  I could hear that it was a sad poem but I didn’t understand why she couldn’t stop crying.  I think she was mostly upset to think of that little boys pain but maybe a little bit for her own.


We all have regrets, if we have a conscience.  So far for me, my regrets occur at the “oh I should have studied more for that test” or “I shouldn’t have just made fun of my brother” level.  I think as the incident or crime heightens in seriousness and violence, the weaker the conscience of the person.  So the older brother in the poem is scared to death because he understands what his quick loss of control/patience could cause. 


Connecting to and pleasing adults is how we first develop our conscience and in this poem, the 5 year old brother is left to wonder whether he will survive this terrible night-he is alone and guilt ridden.  It is a matter of circumstances-his parents and the doctor are by necessity dealing with his little brother but knowing he is the cause of it all, he cannot gain any comfort or assurances that he will be ok.


In In Cold Blood, the criminals Dick and Perry clearly have no remorse over their crimes.  Truman Capote is able to recreate the crime in such chilling detail because during the interviews while they were in prison, they matter of factly relayed them.  While they described what they did, it doesn’t appear that their conscience guided them or caused them to think twice about what they were doing.  It makes me wonder if something tragic or abusive occurred in their childhoods or if this is a case of hardwiring.  Unlike in the poem, A Boy In a Bed, I don’t feel one bit of sorrow for them just as they show no guilt for murdering the Clutter family.  Where In Cold Bold evokes terror and dismay, this poem brings out feelings of empathy and sadness.