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College Recruiting=Teenage Relationship September 11, 2012

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I really wanted to start out my blogging for the year with something really profound or interesting, but that’s not me.  Why force myself into writing about something that doesn’t truly speak to me?  So…I decided to compare two frequent, yet important aspects of my life that are quite cliche at this time.  Everyone is talking about college right now, but I’m in a unique position compared to the average student.  I’m known as the crazy runner at our school but I also value academics a great deal.  Therefore, I have to look at colleges in a special way and try to find the perfect combination and balance of academics and athletics that appeal to me.  Most students can simply look at the campus/area a school is in and what it has to offer for what they’d like to major in.  I get to do this, plus look at the success of a team, the division it’s in, the facilities the school offers, and get a feel for the overall dynamics of the team.

Now, my titles probably pretty confusing at this point.  Running can be used as a metaphor for pretty much anything in life but college recruiting especially shows similarities to dating.  First, each has to be physically/visually attracted to one another.  They need to feel a connection and like they will have a good future relationship.  And lastly, they need to respect and trust one another, so that they can get the most out of their time together.  This does sound weird that a school and a student should be so committed to each other, but a student-athlete, especially, needs to feel that connection with a school.  While there are so many great colleges in the country, I can only go to one and the way I will decide is by which school I feel fits all of my desires best.

I have developed my running significantly but never dreamed of how many colleges would be interested in me and how many I’d love.  I have currently been invited on official visits to Richmond, Wellesley, BC, and Columbia and am so flattered by their encouragement and excitement for me.  What is great about college recruiting is that although I can only go to one college, I get to experience several colleges even just for a day or two and would be thrilled and honored to attend any one.


One Response to “College Recruiting=Teenage Relationship”

  1. Mrs. Glidden Says:

    I love this post! What a great analogy you made between college recruitment and dating. I also enjoyed reading about what great opportunities you have in front of you.

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